Amazing £14.7 Million Lotto Jackpot Must be Won on Wednesday

Lotto hit its maximum of four rollovers on Saturday night, meaning that Wednesday 17th December’s top prize of £14.7 million must be won whether anyone matches six main numbers or not. If there is no jackpot winner on Wednesday, then the entire pot will roll down and be distributed amongst the players in the next winning prize tier, meaning that this week could see a number of huge prizes bagged in one go by anyone who matches five main balls and the Bonus ball!

Amazing £14.7 Million Lotto Jackpot Must be Won on Wednesday

Although no ticket holder grabbed the jackpot on Saturday night, there were plenty of big prizes won, including the £115,297 scooped by four lucky ticket holders who matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. Other amounts bagged on the night ranged from £25 for matching three main balls to £1,928 for matching five main numbers. There is a full breakdown of the prizes, alongside the 50 winning Lotto Raffle codes which won their owners £20,000, at the Lotto Results page of

The last time that Lotto hit its limit of four rollovers was on Saturday 13th September 2014, with the £13.7 million jackpot being shared by three players in the next draw on Wednesday 17th September. On Saturday 4th January 2014, no ticket holders managed to match six main numbers to claim the quadruple rollover jackpot so the £13.4 million rolled down and was shared between 23 players who matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball, each collecting £585,956.

With an amazing chance to pick up a decent amount of cash a week before Christmas Eve, you will want to make sure you pick up your tickets in plenty of time - you can’t afford to forget with this jackpot at stake. You can buy them online now or from an authorised retailer as you hope that Lotto will be able to make it a very merry Christmas for you!

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