€90 Million Eurojackpot Prize Won In Germany

A record-equalling €90 million jackpot has been won by one lucky Eurojackpot ticket holder in the German region of Bavaria. It is the second €90 million prize won in Germany so far this year.

€90 Million Eurojackpot Prize Won In Germany

The winning numbers in the draw on Friday 1st May were 6, 11, 12, 21, and 41, with Euro numbers 1 and 2. The jackpot had rolled over to hit €90 million - the maximum allowed - a month ago on 4th April, but it took another five draws for it to be won.

A spokesperson from Lotto Bayern said that the winner had not yet been identified. If they are a registered player they will be contacted by Lotto Bayern this week, but if they are not they will need to come forward to begin the claim process. The winner has three years to claim the prize.

As well as the jackpot winner, Friday’s draw produced four more multimillionaires - all of them from Germany. The quartet - who matched all five main numbers plus one of the Euro numbers - landed €6.1 million each.

The prize fund for this second category contained all the prize money that would have normally gone to boost the jackpot even higher. However, the rules of the game do not allow the jackpot to rise above its €90 million cap.

When the jackpot cap takes effect, it therefore increases the chances of winning a larger prize without even having to match all the numbers. The prize fund for the second category can often be bigger than the jackpot of many other lotteries.

Eurojackpot has reached its maximum jackpot regularly over the years. It most recently happened on 7th February - when another German player won the full amount - while the jackpot also hit €90 million three times in 2019.

Draws take place every Friday night in Helsinki, Finland. They have continued as scheduled throughout the coronavirus crisis and there were more than 1.5 million winning tickets in the latest draw. The jackpot for the next draw will be €10 million.

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