€9.4 Million Irish Lotto Jackpot Winner Makes Contact With Lottery Officials

The winner of a €9.4 million Irish Lotto prize has made contact with National Lottery officials in Dublin. The lucky ticket holder correctly matched the numbers 1, 16, 17, 32, 34 and 35 in the draw on Saturday 26th August to land the sizeable seven-figure sum and become the first jackpot winner since Wednesday 5th July.

€9.4 Million Irish Lotto Jackpot Winner Makes Contact With Lottery Officials

Bosses at National Lottery headquarters didn’t have to wait long for the fortuitous Lotto fan to stake their claim, with an announcement that arrangements were being made for collection of the prize made just days after the draw took place. Although the identity of the victor has not been revealed, what is known is that the winning ticket was a Quick Pick entry and was purchased from a Spar shop on Talbot Street in the nation’s capital on the day of the draw.

News of the win was greeted positively by the store’s owner, Ulrike Campbell, who struggled to contain her excitement when talking to reporters: “We just can’t believe it,” she smiled. “This is an absolutely massive win for our customers.”

This good feeling was shared by the shop’s employees: “All of the staff here are going to enjoy the celebrations and we send our best wishes to our lucky customer who is €9.4 million richer,” the proprietor confirmed.

Ulrike also revealed that she has been responsible for selling lottery tickets worth over €1 million in the past, as well as a whole host of other prize totals: “I’ve sold several winners, fifteen years ago we had a ticket worth €2 or 3 million, and another worth €1.5 million a couple of years ago,” she said, before adding: “This is much bigger.”

Of course, Ulrike, who is originally from Germany, was quizzed on who she thought the winner could be, but the businesswoman admits that the ticket holder could have been part of the  passing trade rather than a local resident, especially given the store’s proximity to Connolly Station: “We get a lot of our customers from the inner city in general, but also from people who work and take the train home.” However, not knowing the identity of the winner didn’t stop Ulrike from wishing them well.  

If you would like the chance to increase your wealth by €2.5 million, you can choose your numbers online or pick up a ticket from any authorised retailer ahead of Saturday night’s Irish Lotto draw. Good luck! 

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