£7.5 Million Jackpot Win for One Lucky UK Lotto Player

Last night’s UK Lotto draw saw one lucky ticket holder scoop the entire £7.5 million jackpot after they successfully matched all six main numbers drawn. The fortunate player was joined by over 130,000 other winners who all secured a prize of at least £25 in the draw.

£7.5 Million Jackpot Win for One Lucky UK Lotto Player

In the second tier, one UK ticket holder won a £255,453 prize when they matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, closely followed by 110 other UK Lotto players who matched five main numbers to win £1,971 each.

The Match 4 tier saw 6,081 players share a £1,143,420 prize pool to win £190 each while the final tier saw 125,137 ticket holders each win £25 for matching just three main numbers.

As last night’s UK Lotto draw offered a rollover jackpot, the Lotto Raffle offered players 100 prizes rather than the standard 50 prizes. To check the 100 winning raffle codes from last night’s draw to find out if you’ve won one of the £20,000 prizes, visit Lottery.co.uk.

The next UK Lotto draw takes place on Saturday 26th April and, following last night’s jackpot win, gives players the chance to compete for an estimated jackpot of £4.3 million. If you’d like to participate in the penultimate draw of April make sure you have your tickets ready in plenty of time.

Other Lottery News

One ticket holder from Florida will be waking up this morning US$148.8 million richer after matching all six numbers drawn in last night’s US Powerball game. The lucky winner is the first Floridian resident to scoop a Powerball jackpot since May 2013.

Lottery officials have yet to confirm the exact location of where the winning ticket was purchased but WorldLottery.net will bring you further news as the story develops.

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