US$121 Million Jackpot Up for Grabs Tonight in US Mega Millions Draw

The US lottery giant Mega Millions is offering players the chance to win an impressive US$121 million jackpot tonight. The top prize comes after ten consecutive draws without a top tier winner and is the second largest jackpot seen in the game so far this year.

The largest Mega Millions jackpot so far this year reached a phenomenal US$414 million before it was finally won on 14th March after 21 successive rollovers. The top prize was shared between two winning tickets, one purchased in Maryland and the other in Florida.

Floridian couple Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier were the first to come forward when they accepted their $207 million prize at a press conference held on 29th April. Less than a week later, the lucky Maryland winner contacted lottery officials to claim their prize but exercised their right to anonymity.

While the current jackpot may have eluded players for the previous five weeks, there’s nothing to say it won’t be won tonight. Will you be the next Mega Millions winner?

In Other Lottery News

The US Powerball jackpot is climbing at an impressive rate and is already worth an estimated US$90 million after just five draws without a big winner. The jackpot is up for grabs in tomorrow night’s draw but if there are no top tier winners, the jackpot will almost certainly surpass the US$100 million mark.

If you’re not sure how to participate in either of these fantastic lotteries, more information is available on the Lottery Tickets page. If you do play, don’t forget to check those all-important winning numbers - the latest results from both these multi-state lottery games can be found on

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