$1 Million Nebraska Powerball Winner Vows to Support Her Family

A Powerball winner from Nebraska has vowed to help those closest to her after discovering she had landed a $1 million prize. Melinda Rother also maintained that her own life would not change drastically following the seven-figure sum win.

The Grand Island resident, who revealed that she regularly purchases her Powerball tickets from Casey’s General Store, was overwhelmed to found out that she had correctly matched the numbers 11, 21, 31, 41 and 59 in the draw on Saturday 6th May. The lucky winner was just one number (Powerball 21) away from landing a $149.2 million jackpot.  

Upon collecting her prize, Rother regaled state lottery officials with the tale of how her and her husband only found out that they had won on Sunday night, nearly 24 hours after the Powerball draw had taken place. Understandably overjoyed, the winner spoke of how she appreciated every new day and explained how the win was “the extra icing on the cupcake.”   

The winner of Nebraska’s 17th $1million Powerball prize now plans to help her loved ones, starting by supporting her sister as she studies towards becoming a veterinary technician. She also promised that her son, niece and nephew would benefit from the win, too.

Not content with just lending a hand to her family, Rother insists that she will continue teaching Sunday school classes at her local church and volunteering at the Salvation Army. However, the selfless winner does intend to treat herself by purchasing a new grill to help celebrate the good slice of fortune she has received.

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of this latest prize winner, you can pick your numbers online or play via any authorised retailer in participating states and jurisdictions ahead of tonight’s $165 million Powerball draw. Good luck!

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