South African Lottery

South African Lotto

Despite the South African National Lottery having only been in existence since 2000, by 2006 it was reported that 82 percent of the country’s population played lottery games at least once a week.

South African Lotto

Ticket holders choose six numbers from a choice of 49 and must match them with the balls drawn in order to win the first category prize in Lotto. A Bonus Ball is also drawn which, if matched, allows players who also match three, four and five main numbers to boost their winnings.

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The jackpot starts at R2 million, but as there are no rollover caps jackpots can climb very high. As well as the jackpot, there are an additional six prize tiers, which are detailed below:

Prize Divisions Numbers Matched Winnning Odds
Level 1 6 1:13,983,816
Level 2 5 + 1 1:2,330,636
Level 3 5 1:55,492
Level 4 4 + 1 1:44,393
Level 5 4 1:1,033
Level 6 3 + 1 1:2,436
Level 7 3 1:57

Players who are lucky enough to win a prize on the South African lottery have 365 days from the draw date to claim their prizes.

Lotto Plus

For an additional cost, players can use their selections from the main game in Lotto Plus. Once again, six main numbers and a Bonus Ball are drawn, giving you a second chance to win cash amounts on the same ticket.


In South Africa’s Powerball game, players pick five main numbers from 45 and one Powerball from 20 with the multi-million Rand jackpot being won by matching all of the selections. There are eight prize categories in total with cash amounts being awarded for matching anything from one main number and the Powerball upwards.