Millionaire Raffle

The Millionaire Raffle is a recent addition to the UK side of the EuroMillions Lottery game. The idea behind this exciting new addition to the EuroMillions is that the National Lottery will be creating a new UK Millionaire every week irrespective of what happens in the main euromillions draw. There is a guaranteed £1 million prize on the Millionaires Raffle every single week and there will only be one winning number drawn.

Lottery players in the UK who play the EuroMillions will see that that there is no change to the way in which they buy lottery tickets for the EuroMillions, nor in the way that this lottery game is played. The only change that will be evident is the rise in cost to incorporate the Millionaire Raffle into the lottery game play. The Millionaire Raffle will not change any odds or chances of winning the EuroMillions main lottery game in any way at all, so lottery players can still enjoy exactly the same experience when they play the EuroMillions as they always have, but maybe with a little more excitement with the addition of the Millionaire Raffle.

This Millionaire Raffle game is exclusive to players of the EuroMillions in the UK. People buying Euro Millions lottery tickets in any other participating EuroMillions country do not have the option to play this new game.

As with all lottery games, odds do fluctuate from time to time. This can beĀ  for many reasons, but mainly that rollovers and multi-rollovers which can create huge jackpot prizes in any lottery. This also generates a much higher volume of lottery ticket sales and this general rule also applies to the EuroMillions. When the jackpot is high, more people will buy EuroMillions lottery tickets and this will create more entries into the Millionaire Raffle, in turn decreasing the odds of winning the Millionaire Raffle.

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