Millionaire Maker

Previously known as the Millionaire Raffle, Millionaire Maker is a supplementary game open to UK EuroMillions players and takes place on Tuesday and Friday evenings immediately after the main draw. A special raffle code is printed on every EuroMillions ticket purchased in the UK, and if that ticket exactly matches the winning code drawn on the night, then the ticket holder wins £1 million. It’s also entirely possible to match the winning Millionaire Maker code in addition to scooping a prize in the main EuroMillions draw.

Millionaire Maker was launched on Friday 13th November 2009 as a way to give UK EuroMillions players another shot at winning a big prize. In March 2014, the National Lottery Commission approved requested changes to the licence held by the operator, Camelot, which included offering non-cash prizes to players and changing the name of the game from Millionaire Raffle to Millionaire Maker.

In the past, special Millionaire Maker draws have been held in which a number of players won a £1 million prize on the same night. While these events marked occasions such as the London 2012 Olympics or Christmas, they were not regular occurrences. Now, players can look forward to the last Friday EuroMillions draw of every month, which is designated as a Mega Friday.

In these enhanced Millionaire Maker games, there is the potential for a number of players to win £1 million each as well as a non-cash prize. The first Mega Friday was held on Friday 31st October 2014 and saw 25 players win £1 million and a VIP holiday to Makepeace Island on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Similarly luxurious prizes are set to be offered in the future, with details announced in advance of the draw. Make sure you keep checking the news pages for the latest information.

Here are the approximate odds for winning the Millionaire Maker during a normal EuroMillions game, based on estimated ticket sales for each draw:

Day of Draw Type of Draw Estimated Odds of Winning Millionaire Maker
Tuesday Base (no rollover) 1 in 4,800,000
Tuesday 4x rollover draw 1 in 5,400,000
Friday Base (no rollover) 1 in 7,500,000
Friday 4x rollover draw 1 in 8,700,000

The only way to win it is to be in it - thankfully, the £2 you pay per EuroMillions ticket also covers your entry into the Millionaire Maker game. Good luck!

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