World's biggest Lottery jackpots

Watching the Euromillions Lottery jackpot roll over five times and seeing the £90 million jackpot available has made the team at World Lottery wonder if this is the world’s biggest lottery jackpot of the week so we thought we’d take a look at all the lottery jackpots on offer around the world this week and see what’s hot and what’s not! Usually the big American jackpots put ours in the shade and have been known to get above $300 million but what are they now, let’s take a look at what’s on offer around the world.

When the UK National Lottery started fifteen years ago, Britons never knew anything about lotteries and £1 million seemed like a massive amount of money. Now however, we know all about the world lottery draws and some of them certainly leave our own home grown lottery in the shade.

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So we thought this week - inspired by the £90 million Euromillions Lottery jackpot – we would take a look at all the lotteries from around the world and compile a rundown of the best value for money lottery draws from around the world.

  • Euromillions Lottery - £90 million/US$147.5 million (Friday)
  • SuperEnalotto - £73.5 million/US$120 million (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)
  • Powerball Lottery - £40 million/US$66 million (Wednesday/Saturday)
  • Lotto Max Canada - £28 million/US$46.5 million + 10 Maxmillions (Friday)
  • Mega Millions Lottery - £30.5 million/US$50 million (Tuesday/Friday)
  • Canada Lotto 6/49 - £4.5 million/US$7.5 million ( Wednesday/Saturday)
  • UK National Lottery - £2.4 million/US$4 million (Wednesday/Saturday)
  • Irish Lottery - £1.8 million/$3 million (Wednesday/Saturday)

So there’s a rundown of the biggest world lottery jackpots available right now with the Euromillions Lottery coming out as the biggest lottery jackpot available in any of our major world lottery draws right now.

Written by Lucy Lotto

Article Published: Tuesday 3rd November 2009 12:42 AM GMT
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