Washington State Lottery Prize Unclaimed

A winning ticket worth $9.7 million is the latest Washington State Lottery Prize unclaimed. Officials in the area are encouraging players to check their wallets just in case they hold the winning ticket and just haven’t realised yet.

It’s now a whole 30 days since the winning ticket was sold at a convenience store in Shoreline Washington and it is yet to be claimed. It’s a very large prize and a spokesperson for the Washington state lottery believe very few people would allow this to go unclaimed for all this time and so believe the winner does not know they have won this massive prize, leading state lottery officials to urge players to check their tickets as they have just 180 days to claim their prize.

The winning numbers for the draw were 01-08-21-30-36-39, the ticket was sold at the 7-11 store in Shoreline, Washington.

If this Washington state lottery prize goes unclaimed for more than 180 days then the money will be put aside for promotion giveaways into the unclaimed Lottery fund for prizes such as a ‘trip of a lifetime’ for another player.

The only time this has ever happened in the history of the Washington state lottery was a prize of $6 million in April 1993, that prize was never claimed and the money went back into the unclaimed lottery fund.

If you purchased a ticket for this lottery then it’s time to check your pockets of all your trousers, your glove compartment of your car or maybe in the dog as it was certainly sold and one lucky winner holds the ticket, even if he or she doesn’t realise it yet.

Article Published: Tuesday 26th August 2008 6:57 PM GMT
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