USA Jackpots almost 400 million

It seems to be a week for record lottery jackpots with the Italian SuperEnalotto and our own Euromillions lottery rolling over several times. Yet both of them have some way to go to top the jackpots available in America right now as the USA jackpots are almost $400 million when combined! Here are all the details of the jackpots and how you can win them.

The Mega Millions Lottery was drawn last night yet despite a huge rush of ticket sales for the multi-rollover jackpot, no players matched all the winning numbers to scoop the jackpot. That means that next Tuesday the Mega Millions Lottery will be worth $170 million to the lucky ticket holder who can match all the winning numbers.

It’s a staggering amount but not quite as high as the Powerball Lottery. This jackpot has rolled over for weeks now with no players managing to match all the winning numbers and the all important red Powerball, this draw goes off tonight so it’s not too late to buy tickets for the draw and with a jackpot of $213 million it’s no one you’d like to miss.

Of course as already mentioned Italy’s SuperEnalotto still has not been won and this jackpot is now standing at a record €1135.9 million!

That’s means there is absolutely millions to be won around the world this week in many of the world lottery draws and you can buy tickets for any of the draws and be in with a chance at a record lottery win by visiting our lottery pages and buying tickets for the draws from anywhere in the world.

Written by Kath C

Article Published: Saturday 15th August 2009 1:04 PM GMT
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