UK Lotto Will Change on Saturday 5th October 2013

Earlier this year the National Lottery announced that changes would be happening to UK Lotto and this week it has been confirmed that these changes will come into effect on Saturday 5th October 2013. The game enhancements coming to UK Lotto include larger jackpots, an increase in the Match 3 prize and a brand new Lotto raffle.

The introduction of the Lotto raffle is one of the key changes as in every draw there will be at least 50 players who will each win a guaranteed £20,000! It will play very much like the Millionaire Raffle draw in EuroMillions and for every UK Lotto line purchased players will receive a Lotto raffle number, consisting of a four letter colour and an eight digit number, which will then be entered into a draw in which 50 raffle numbers will be selected. The number of Lotto raffle prizes is expected to increase when the Lotto jackpot rolls over.

Other changes that have been confirmed include the size of the jackpots. Currently the average Saturday jackpot is worth around £3.9 million and the Wednesday jackpot averages at £2.1 million but, following these changes bigger jackpots will be up for grabs with the Saturday jackpot expected to be around £5 million and the Wednesday jackpot around £2.5 million. In addition, the prize for matching three numbers will increase from £10 to a guaranteed £25.

All these changes come at a cost and the price of a UK Lotto ticket will increase from £1 to £2 (the first increase since the game launched in 1994), but with larger jackpots plus the introduction of the Lotto raffle it means you will have more chances to become a winner!

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Written by Grace Mee

Article Published: Tuesday 30th July 2013 10:35 AM GMT
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