Tuesday EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £26/€32 Million

The Tuesday EuroMillions jackpot on offer to win in tonight’s draw is estimated at £26/€32 million. This comes after players in the last two EuroMillions draws have failed to match the numbers drawn in the EuroMillions results. Therefore the question is will any ticket holders strike lucky tonight and match the five plus two combination to win the double rollover EuroMillions jackpot and become the first top prize winners for May 2012, or will this jackpot remain elusive and rollover for the third time in a row?

As the EuroMillions is played in nine European countries some of these participating nations have additional games for people to play. These extra games are available to play in Portugal, Ireland and the UK.

The additional game for all UK EuroMillions players is the UK Millionaire Raffle and all players are bound to be getting excited as there is a special raffle taking place later this month. On the 18th May the UK Millionaire Raffle will hold a Super Draw where instead of giving out just one £1 million raffle prize there will be on offer a total of 18 £1 million raffle prizes. This means that 18 ticket holders all have the chance to become millionaires overnight.

Playing the UK Millionaire Maker is only available to those who purchase their EuroMillions tickets in the UK, so don’t hang around make sure you take part in this special Super Draw and you could match the UK Millionaire Maker results to win one of the 18 prizes available.

Written by Nicola Barber

Article Published: Tuesday 8th May 2012 9:32 AM GMT
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