Three unclaimed lottery prizes about to expire

Everyone is feeling the pinch right now, with Christmas just around the corner and many of us are probably thinking that a lottery win might just lighten the load. Yet it seems that even with millions up for grabs many people are careless about lottery tickets, especially when you consider that there are three unclaimed lottery prizes about to expire. Now they would certainly help the Christmas fund especially as they are all life changing amounts of cash.

A whole three prizes unclaimed for the UK National Lottery and those lucky lottery tickets must be out there somewhere burning a hole in somebody’s pocket. Every one of them expires in January which means if they are not claimed now they will be soon surely lost.

uk lotto UK National Lottery (UK)
uk lotto UK National Lottery (Outside UK)

Here are the details of each of the unclaimed UK National Lottery prizes, what they were worth and where they were sold:

£69,191 – Matched five balls and the bonus on the UK National Lottery draw held on 15th July 2009, lottery numbers were 5 – 8 – 10 – 29 – 39 – 41, bonus ball 15. This ticket was sold in the Dumfries and Galloway area and expires on 11th January 2010.

£286,508.50 – Now if there was ever a life changing amount of cash it was this win, for matching five main balls and a lucky star in the Euromillions Lottery draw held on 24th July 2009, the winning numbers were 14 – 15 – 25 – 35 – 47, lucky stars 5 and 9. This ticket was sold in the Tower Hamlets area of London and expires on 20th January 2010.

– This ticket matched five and the bonus in the main UK National Lottery draw held on 1st August 2009 on the winning numbers 2 – 6 – 27 – 28 – 40 – 49, bonus ball 14. This ticket was sold in the Plymouth area and the winner has until 28th January to claim.

That’s a massive amount of money up for grabs which means it’s time to go exploring in the cupboards, checking all your pockets and seeing if you’re holding a winning lottery ticket which is about to expire.

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Tuesday 15th December 2009 12:14 AM GMT
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