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In Dartford an £8 million lottery jackpot was won by a family syndicate a few weeks ago and now players are flocking to the lucky lotto shop to purchase their tickets. The shop – a Costcutter store in Fleetdale Parade, Dartford has seen a huge rise in customs since the lucky lottery winners bought their lucky dip ticket there and has become a magnet for hopeful lottery players.

UK National Lottery players have been heading to the shop in droved and even rubbing the lottery machine for good luck. Since the win on July 8th the store has even installed a ‘lucky spot’ which players can stand on if they are very superstitious.

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The store and the win has been the talk of the town and the store manager has noticed a big increase in lottery hopefuls in the last month since the win. Players are heading to the shop in the hope that lightening will strike twice and they will also be as lucky as the Newton’s and be the next big lottery winners.

The Newton’s are a family syndicate and won the rollover jackpot on 8th July, despite playing in a lottery syndicate since the lottery’s launch in 1994 they have never won any significant cash. Until now that is, each one is now celebrating being £1.5 million richer after sharing out the £7 million rollover lottery win.

So if you’re superstitious maybe you’d like to head to the lucky lotto shop, alternatively, click the link above and play easily from your home online through this website.

Written by Kath C

Article Published: Tuesday 11th August 2009 8:43 AM GMT
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