Terrific Tuesday for Lottery Players

Once again, Tuesday looks set to be one of the best days of the week for lottery players who fancy winning as much money as possible as quickly as possible. The SuperEnalotto game offers the biggest jackpot of the week anywhere in the world after no ticket managed to land the top prize in the previous draw. The SuperEnalotto jackpot for Tuesday 15 May 2012 will be worth around €93.3 million, so if a player were to succeed in winning that sum outright, he or she would immediately become richer than many A-List celebrities!

Whilst SuperEnalotto offers the biggest lottery jackpot in the world right now, there are a couple of other games taking place on Tuesday that are well worth looking at. The EuroMillions jackpot on Friday rolled over for the fourth time in a row, so the next jackpot this Tuesday will be worth an estimated £41 million. That’s not quite as much as the €93.3 million up for grabs in the SuperEnalotto game (it’s actually around €51 million), but the odds of winning it are better and the odds of winning any prize at all are a very impressive 1 in 13.

Over in the USA, the Mega Millions game will offer players the chance to win an advertised jackpot of $25 million on Tuesday. The only thing standing between aspiring winners and the jackpot is the ability to select five main numbers from 1 to 56 and one Megaball number from 1 to 46, and then match them all when the draw takes place. Okay, so it’s much easier said that done, but plenty of players have succeeded in the past and someone might manage to repeat the feat this week.

Whether or not any of these jackpots are won on Tuesday, there are always other lottery jackpots up for grabs on other days of the week, so lottery players around the world have plenty to look forward to. If you plan on getting involved yourself, enjoy the games and good luck!

Written by Lottie McDonald

Article Published: Monday 14th May 2012 10:26 AM GMT
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