Teen Lotto Winner Blew the Lot

Callie Rogers was just 16 years of age when she won £1.9 million on the UK National Lottery back in 2003 and this week the newspapers have been full of stories of how the teen lotto winner blew the lot in just a few years in a hedonistic blur of cocaine addiction and wild parties leaving her now virtually penniless and selling her story to the News of the World.

Now she can look back and contemplate just what she has had an lost after blowing over a quarter of a million of her UK National Lottery on cocaine after going on a never-ending spending spree.

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The winner now believes she shouldn’t have had access to her winnings at such a tender age and it has reopened the debate as to whether the 16 year age limit on the UK National Lottery is appropriate.

Callie Rogers has had two children since her lottery win but now lives back with her mother in Cumbria, she wishes she had never won the lottery as she was too young to deal with the wealth.

Since her win, Miss Rogers has been married, had two children, battled Cocaine addiction and made three attempts on her own life. Her winnings have gone, she has blown the lot although she says she doesn’t care as all the money brought her was heartache.

It makes for interesting reading and does leave you wondering why when all gambling has an 18 age limit, the National Lottery is just 16. Is 16 tender years old enough to cope with being a millionaire? According to Callie Rogers, no.

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Monday 31st August 2009 1:06 PM GMT
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