Predict the Lottery Numbers

Well he claimed he was going to do it and he certainly did. Illusionist Derren Brown promised last week that he would correctly predict the lottery numbers for last night’s £2.4 million UK National Lottery draw as brought to you by our lottery news earlier in the week, and that was exactly what he did, correctly on all of the Channel 4 channels last night.

We brought you news of this promise by illusionist Derren Brown earlier in the week, where to kick off his new show he promised to correctly predict the lottery numbers as the UK National Lottery draw was going out on BBC1 and last night in the Channel 4 studio  that was exactly what he did in a 10 minute, unbelievable show.

uk lotto UK National Lottery (UK)
uk lotto UK National Lottery (Outside UK)

He had written all six winning lottery numbers down on ping pong balls which spend the show turned away from the audience. Derren Brown then showed the live UK National Lottery draw, turned his balls around and every one matched.

He didn’t touch the balls, sleight of hand seems unlikely and the whole illusion has left the world gobsmacked. Rest assured though as Derren does promise to reveal his secret to viewers who tune in to his show tomorrow evening.

In the event the lottery jackpot wasn’t won, so we can be sure Derren didn’t have a ticket, even if he really did predict the lottery numbers. That means that the £2.4 million lottery jackpot will roll over giving a bumper draw for the weekend, handy if Derren Brown really is going to teach us to predict the lottery numbers.

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Thursday 10th September 2009 12:21 PM GMT
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