Powerball Lottery Results, Wednesday 3 August 2011

Lottery jackpots around the world fluctuate, but sometimes, one lottery jackpot will stand out for its sheer colossal size and that’s what’s happening right now with the Powerball draw. The Powerball Lottery results are in and it’s another rollover, taking the jackpot to $180 million, the biggest in the world. Here are the full Powerball Lottery results, Wednesday 3rd August so you can check the numbers and see who won what!

The winning numbers in last night’s Powerball Lottery draw were 13 – 19 – 21 – 28 – 49, the Powerball was 11. Ticket sales were high for the Powerball Lottery draw yet despite this, no one matched all the winning numbers and so Saturday’s Powerball Lottery jackpot is heading for $180 million, higher than the Powerball Lottery jackpot has reached in over two months.

While the jackpot rolled, match five winners did fare well in the draw. A massive ten players matched the five main Powerball Lottery prize and each of those players are to collect $200,000 for their trouble, with just one player from Arizona choosing the Powerplay option ready for the Powerball results.

The next Powerball Lottery draw will be held on Saturday evening, and ticket sales for that draw are likely to reach massive proportions. If we don’t see a winner on Saturday evening, it’s likely that the Powerball Lottery jackpot will reach $200 million and then everyone is likely to be taking notice of the draw. Surely that Powerball Lottery jackpot must be won soon!

Written by Lucy Lotto

Article Published: Thursday 4th August 2011 11:31 AM GMT
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