Powerball Jackpot Estimated at $400 Million!

The Powerball lottery game scheduled to take place in the USA this Wednesday 7th August will offer a jackpot that has an advertised value of around $400 million. That figure refers to how much a player would win if he or she opted for payments over 30 years, but if they opted for a single cash lump sum instead, the payout would be worth around $230 million. None of the figures mentioned take tax into consideration, but even after Uncle Sam helps himself to his share there would be more than enough left over to give the winner a quite colossal bank balance.

The previous Powerball game on Saturday 3rd August had an estimated jackpot of $290 million, but the final value of that jackpot was actually around $307 million. The $17 million difference was due to the sheer volume of tickets that were sold, and the excitement amongst players is snowballing at an ever-increasing rate. In other words, whilst lottery players around the world are talking about the next game offering $400 million, it could actually end up being more.

Although there is still some way to go before the Powerball lottery jackpot breaks any records (the biggest Powerball jackpot on record was worth $590.5 million), a few more rollovers could certainly see the top prize enter unchartered territory. Of course, players across the USA and beyond are hoping to win the jackpot before that happens – preferably this Wednesday!

The odds of winning a Powerball jackpot are around 1 in 175 million, but the odds of a player winning any prize at all with a single entry are slightly better than 1 in 32. That latter statistic means that there will be plenty of prize winners this Wednesday no matter what happens to the jackpot, and with a second tier prize having a fixed value of $1 million, the odds are good that at least a handful of participants will win themselves millionaire status this week. There were seven new millionaires created thanks to the second tier in Saturday’s game, so it will be interesting to see if the midweek game can better that result.

Demand for Powerball lottery tickets for the $400 million jackpot game this Wednesday is already extremely high, so anyone who intends to participate is advised to buy their tickets as soon as possible. Those who want to buy tickets online, discover more about the game itself, or even download a free Powerball app for their iPhone, can do so by visiting Lottery.net.

Written by Lottie McDonald

Article Published: Monday 5th August 2013 9:33 AM GMT
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