New Lottery AfricaMillions

In an attempt to replicate the success of the Europe-wide Euromillions Lottery we are about to see a new lottery launch. The new Lottery, AfricaMillions will see as many as twenty African countries come together to play in one Africa-Wide Lottery to be launched later this year. The idea has been on the table for a while now but has finally come together after an investment of €15 million in the company just last month by a private equity firm.

BR Gaming entered into a partnership with another company, AALE last November to be the exclusive operator of the AfricaMillions Lottery with the hope of bringing together more than 20 African Lottery countries to play in the AfricaMillions.

So far there is six countries signed up ahead of the launch in November, these are, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Benin, Burkina Faso ad Mali. These countries represent a total of 70 million potential players in lottery with a further nine countries hoping to sign soon.

The AALE – Africa Association of State Lotteries – already run many lotteries across Africa and was founded in 1981, this move to run the AfricaMillions Lottery is by far its biggest venture. The population of Africa is over 800 million which should guarantee some massive jackpots as players in Africa  are able to participate in one Pan-Africa Lottery, pretty much the same as our Euromillions Lottery.

Of course as the lottery launches, we will bring you a full review on our world lottery pages and hopefully it will be one of many lotteries from around the world that you can play right here from our lottery pages. I personally can’t wait to try out this lottery and we hope you are just as excited about it.

Written by Kath C

Article Published: Thursday 27th August 2009 1:36 PM GMT
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