National Lottery Rich For Life ScratchCard

If you’ve seen the adverts on the television in the last couple of weeks then you’ll know that the National Lottery Rich for Life scratchcard has made a return. The scratchcard was hugely popular during its first run being the fastest selling £5 scratchcard ever and no doubt it will be just as popular on its return.

The updated version of this popular scratchcard provides players with an opportunity to win four prizes of a staggering £40,000 every year for life, it costs £5 each and is in the shops now. Lottery officials are hoping the £1.4 million television and media advertising campaign will get their scratchcard sales off to a flying start for 2009.

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Of course who could forget the winner of the Merry Millions scratchcard on Christmas Eve and after this much publicised win, scratchcards really do seem to be in the forefront of people’s minds. 

The television advert was launched on 11th January and will run until February 8th, you may have seen it already, it’s certainly one to make you giggle. The advert features a man looking distinctly uncomfortable, wedged between two rather large passengers on an economy flight, after spilling coffee over one he closes his eyes and is instantly transported to the first class section where he is being served champagne and luxury food by his very own air hostess. 

If you like scratchcards and instant wins then it’s also worth remembering that there are a huge range of them to be played on the National Lottery website, just click the link above to visit the site where you can play instant wins while buying your National Lottery tickets for up to eight weeks in advance. 


Article Published: Saturday 24th January 2009 12:29 PM GMT
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