Mega Millions hit in Indiana and Michigan

It looked like another staggering lottery jackpot was about to be created but before it quite reached the $100 million the Mega Millions was hit in Indiana and Michigan on Friday with one winner from the Indiana and one from Michigan matching all the winning numbers to scoop the massive jackpot. Indiana only joined the Mega Millions Lottery a year ago and this is the first big winner for the state and one of the biggest world lottery jackpots won last weekend.

Hoosier Lottery officials who run the Indianapolis lottery are still waiting for the winner to step forward and claim the prize, the first time a jackpot has been hit in Indiana since the state joined the Mega Millions Lottery.

With two winning tickets sold for the Mega Millions Lottery, each winning ticket is worth a staggering $45.5 million, if taken as an annuity option. It’s much more likely that each lottery winner will choose the cash option and be left with around $28 million. Of course all these figures are pre-tax, which is likely to take another 40% off the winning total, but even after all that, these two players have won life-changing amounts of cash.

Did you play Friday’s Mega Millions Lottery draw (how to play here)? If so and you haven’t yet checked your numbers then they are 16 – 22 – 23 – 26 – 35, the Mega Ball 31. The next Mega Millions Lottery draw takes place this evening and if you want to play for that estimated $19 million jackpot then click the banner above and buy lottery tickets now!

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Tuesday 8th February 2011 9:14 AM GMT
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