Lottery Wheeling

 We’re all looking for ways to increase our chances of winning the lottery and one way of doing this is playing as part of a lottery syndicate. You end up with even more lines of numbers increasing your chances of winning a great prize. But if you are part of a lottery syndicate is there even more ways you can increase your chances of winning a prize? Well Lottery wheeling says there is and this is how lottery wheels work.

Lottery wheeling is a method of arranging lottery numbers in a way that improve your chances of winning multiple-tier lottery prizes. It’s based around a system of numbers greater than the number needed to play the lottery and using every combination of these numbers to give either full or partial coverage of all combinations.

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The system is mathematical and the idea is not necessarily to win the jackpot but to win multiple smaller lottery prizes. By covering all the combinations hitting three numbers can give wins of £100’s as you have those numbers on many lines.

A full Lottery wheel is huge and beyond the realms of even the budgets of syndicates. To cover all the numbers in the lottery in a full lottery wheel for say the UK National Lottery you would need to purchase 1,947,792 tickets, this would cover every combination of lottery numbers available in the draw completely.
Not many people have £2 million to spend on the lottery every week which means that many players choose smaller lottery wheels. A syndicate who wished to wheel ten numbers in the National Lottery for instance would get 210 combinations and win multiple amounts if three or more of those ten numbers were drawn. For a fifteen number reel you’d need 5005 tickets every week.

The wheel can run with as little as seven numbers but the more numbers you wheel the greater your chances of winning multiple prizes. It’s well worth considering if part of a large syndicate and can greatly boost your chances of multi-tier lottery prizes.

Article Published: Friday 17th April 2009 11:46 AM GMT
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