Lottery Tickets for Christmas

Do you find there’s always at least one person who turns up with a gift on Christmas and you’ve forgotten them when buying your own presents. It always seems to happen in this house and that’s why I buy a few lottery scratch cards and tickets pop them into Christmas cards and give lottery tickets for Christmas. They make such a unique gift and at only £1 each are just perfect for those people you forgot!

Grab yourself a few lucky dips for the first draw after Christmas Day-for the UK National Lottery that’s Saturday 27th December- and a few of the festive scratch cards that are on offer right now and put each of them inside a little Christmas card sealed up. Then when someone pops round with a gift and you realise you have forgotten to buy one for them just give them one of those.

uk lotto UK National Lottery (UK)
uk lotto UK National Lottery (Outside UK)

They make a wonderful and unique present and give someone the chance of becoming a millionaire over the festive season. Now I know we don’t give to receive but it’s nice to know that if your friends do get lucky and win the jackpot they will feel obliged to give you a share too. A cunning plan!

So when you pop out tomorrow to purchase the last few things that you’ve forgotten to buy when you swore your weren’t going to the supermarket again (you know it’s going to happen so don’t fight it) then make sure you pick up a few lottery tickets too.

Merry Christmas to all the readers of the world lottery pages, we hope you have a wonderful time and lots of luck in the Christmas lottery draws!  


Article Published: Tuesday 23rd December 2008 5:57 PM GMT
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