Lottery Results for Saturday 3rd December 2011

The Lottery Results for Saturday 3rd December 2011 show that quite a few of the various lottery jackpots rolled over, meaning that there are some impressive jackpots available to win over the coming week. Despite that there were plenty of prizes on offer last night in all of the lottery games so did you match any of the lottery results? Read on for details of the numbers drawn in various lotteries and a look at how much the winners took home or how high the jackpots have grown thanks to last night’s world lottery results.

  •   UK National Lottery: 1 – 30 – 35 – 47 – 48 – 49. Bonus ball 8

The lottery results for last night’s UK National Lottery revealed that no players were lucky enough to walk away with the jackpot, which came out at just over £7 million. This means that it is now a double rollover for the UK National Lottery so the jackpot available to win in the mid-week draw is estimated at £9.3 million. The numbers drawn last night show that three consecutive numbers 47, 48 and 49 appeared in the results, which is only the fourth time these exact set of numbers has ever been drawn together. Further to that it is one less than the four consecutive numbers that were in the UK National Lottery results on Wednesday night.

  • Health Lottery: 3 – 7 - 11 - 25 - 34

The Health Lottery results from last night show that five winning tickets matched all five numbers drawn to each take home the guaranteed top prize of £100,000. In addition to that over 24,000 tickets each won either £500 or £50. The Health Lottery announced last night that to celebrate its 10th draw next weekend they are doubling the top prize so it is worth a guaranteed £200,000.

  • Powerball Lottery: 5 – 18 – 33 – 43 – 45. Powerball 8 - Powerplay 3x

No tickets holders managed to match the Powerball results last night to take home the jackpot therefore it rolls over to the next draw and has a top prize that is estimated at $52 million. This is the fourth rollover the Powerball has occurred, so the question is it will carry on rolling over and surpass the $100 million mark or will any players strike lucky on Wednesday and win the jackpot?

  • Australian Saturday Lotto: 2 – 9 – 13 – 18 – 26 – 44. Supp 1 – 7

Last night’s lottery results for the Australian Saturday Lotto proved lucky for ten ticket holders as they each managed to match the six main draw numbers to split the jackpot that came over at just over $4 million, meaning they each took home $413,738.

  • Irish Lottery: 4 – 12 – 14 – 16 – 21 – 34. Bonus ball 22

One ticket holder matched the Irish Lottery results last night to scoop the jackpot that came out at just over €2.6 million. Also last night’s draw saw 45 players match five numbers to each win €1,663 and a further 40,082 ticket holders matched three numbers to win the the smallest prize available in the Irish Lottery. The win means that the estimated jackpot for Wednesday’s Irish Lottery draw is €2 million.

  • Lotto 6/49 Canada: 8 – 24 – 34 – 38 – 41 – 42. Bonus ball 22 - Encore 3568898

There were no jackpot winners of the Saturday Lotto 6/49 game so the jackpot rolls over to the next draw making the prize an estimated CAD $12 million. Whilst no jackpot winners were found there were three ticket holders who matched five main balls and the bonus to win just over CAD $100,000 each.

  • SuperEnalotto Italy: 7 – 13 – 16 – 42 – 67 – 68. Jolly ball 83 and Superstar 11

Once again the lottery results for SuperEnalotto failed to find a jackpot winner so the next draw which will take place on Tuesday has an estimated jackpot of €40 million available to win. Last night no players managed to match the five plus the Jolly number meaning that the first winning tier in the Saturday night draw was the match 5 tier in which 17 players each took home €28,334.

Written by Lucy Lotto


Article Published: Sunday 4th December 2011 11:10 AM GMT
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