Lottery Results for Saturday 26th November 2011

Another Sunday morning, another selection of lottery results for the Saturday night draws. Will the numbers from a selection of the world lotteries reveal you as a big jackpot winner or are you going to have to go back to your job on Monday morning? If you added together all the jackpots on offer in the lottery results for Saturday 26th November 2011 it would make an eye-watering amount of money and whilst we can all dream for some players their dreams have come true with a lottery jackpot win this weekend!

  • UK National Lottery: 13 – 16 – 25 – 26 – 36 – 46. Bonus ball 15

Merlin made his second appearance this week as the draw machine for the UK National Lottery and set of balls number six was used to produce the lottery results for this popular game. One lucky winner took home the whole jackpot, an impressive £4,459,976 thanks to the numbers drawn from Merlin meaning that the next jackpot for the UK Lotto game is estimated at £2.2 million.

  • Health Lottery: 7 – 27 - 34 - 39 - 43

The Health Lottery results from last night revealed one winning jackpot ticket and over 12,000 lucky tickets that either won £500 or £50. Of the draw numbers from last night’s Health Lottery the number 43 made another appearance in the eight draw, it also appeared in the line-up for last Saturday night’s draw. The Magic Monday offer valid for 28th November on tickets sold between 17th and 26th is a 20% discount on certain products at WHSmith.

  • Powerball Lottery: 20 – 37 – 39 – 45 – 55. Powerball 28 - Powerplay 2x

It's a double rollover for the Powerball as last night's lottery results failed to find a jackpot winner. However there were 519,294 winners found by the Powerball draw. Florida was the state that had the most lucky tickets with a staggering 64,707 winning tickets sold in this state alone. Of the winning tickets from Florida 12,497 had played Powerplay too and will be doubling up on their prize money.

  • Australian Saturday Lotto: 9 – 12 – 22 – 28 – 41 – 42. Supp 24 – 27

Last night’s lottery results for the Australian Saturday Lotto proved lucky for three ticket holders as they each managed to match the six main draw numbers and take home AUD $1,397,919.22 each, nearly treble per winner in comparison to last week’s jackpot winners.

  • Irish Lottery: 6 – 8 – 22 – 24 – 34 – 38. Bonus ball 21

The rollover jackpot for last night stood at €2,652,968 and this is the amount that one lucky winner is taking to the bank! The winning ticket was sold in Dublin. Interestingly enough there were no winners of the second prize tier of €25,000. All winners from last night’s Irish Lottery game get an extra bonus, a free ticket for the All or Nothing game.

  • Lotto 6/49 Canada: 2 – 18 – 23 – 35 – 47 – 48. Bonus ball 9 - Encore 3422552

The lottery results for Lotto 6/49 found a jackpot winner of the prize pool CAD $11,790,540.90! Last night's draw was a double rollover but now the jackpot resets to the lowest amount for the next draw, just CAD $3 million.

  • SuperEnalotto Italy: 26 – 29 – 35 – 81 – 82 – 87. Jolly ball 56 and Superstar 37

The lottery results for the Italian game Superenalotto revealed yet another rollover as players failed to match the six main numbers. The best the Superenalotto could muster were 12 winners on the Match 5 prize tier who each took home €39,167.36. The jackpot for Tuesday’s draw is now €37,500,000 but don’t forget there is also a SiVinceTutto draw on 30th November as well.

Written by Nicola Barber


Article Published: Sunday 27th November 2011 9:08 AM GMT
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