Lottery Results for Saturday 11th February 2012

The biggest jackpot available in the lottery results for Saturday 11th February 2012 from around the world was a whopping $310,000,000 offered by the Powerball and many of you will be keen to see whether this jackpot was won or not. This wasn’t the only large jackpot available but definitely the biggest after the Powerball rolled for a thirteenth time on the draw that took place on Tuesday. Read on for details of this and many other lottery results from around the world…

UK National Lottery Results

  • 1 – 23 – 24 – 31 – 45 – 49 Bonus Ball: 6

There was a £4.1 million jackpot up for grabs in the UK Lotto game last night as the midweek draw saw three winners share a £7 million prize. Last night saw draw machine Lancelot and set of balls number three used to produce the numbers. Of the numbers drawn there was only one that was from the most common drawn numbers for the UK Lotto. The number 23 made its 226th appearance as main ball in the UK lotto results for Saturday 11th February 2012 and helped one lucky winner net a jackpot worth just over £4.5 million!

Health Lottery Results

  •  25 - 29 - 33 - 39 - 41 

The 19th Health Lottery draw took place last night and as is the case for most weeks, the jackpot on offer was £100,000. Unlike many other lotteries the Health Lottery pays out the jackpot to all the players who match the five main balls. Of the main balls drawn the number 39 made its 5th appearance making it the third most commonly drawn number in the Health Lottery results. Two winners took home the top prize - the tickets were sold in Scunthorpe and London, whilst over 8,500 players managed to win the two lower prize tiers of either £500 or £50.

Powerball Lottery Results

  • 1 - 10 - 37 - 52 - 57 Powerball: 11

The Powerball lottery boasted an estimated ackpot of $310 million last night, the largest in the world! In fact when all was said and done, as the Powerball lottery results were revealed, the jackpot came in at $325 million and was won by one ticket holder from Rhode Island! As if that wasn't enough there were 11 winners who each matched five main balls and the Powerball to net themselves a $1 million prize each!

Australian Saturday Lotto Results

  • 3 – 13 – 17 – 21 – 25 – 35 Supplementary numbers: 4 and 9

Although not boasting quite as impressive jackpot as that of the Powerball the Australian Saturday Lotto made people very did boast a AUD $20 million Superdraw prize pool. For 17 winners this was great news as they all managed to match the six winning main numbers to take home nearly AUD $1.2 million each.

Irish Lottery Results

  • 1 – 8 – 15 – 19 – 23 – 33 Bonus: 5

The Irish Lottery last night boasted a quintuple rollover over jackpot of over €4.3 million but once again there were no winners who could match the six main balls drawn to take home the prize money. However the Irish Lottery results revealed that two players did match five main balls and the bonus to take home an extra special prize of €125,000, five times the usual money for this prize tier. The additional €100,000 is being paid to the two lucky winners in diamonds as a promotional offer to celebrate Valentine’s Day from the Irish Lottery operators. The estimated jackpot for the next draw is €5 million.

Superenalotto Results

  • 23 – 30 – 46 – 64 – 70 – 86 Superstar: 26 Jolly 31

Once again the Italian Lottery game failed to find a jackpot winner and it continues to roll. The last time we saw a winner from the Superenalotto game was back in September 2011 on draw number 11 when one lucky ticket holder bagged a jackpot of over €65 million. Whilst no players were able to take the big prize pot using the above Superenalotto results, nine players managed to match five main numbers to scoop just over €50,000 each.

Written by Nicola Barber


Article Published: Sunday 12th February 2012 11:56 AM GMT
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