Lottery Numbers are Just an Illusion

Ever wondered why fortune tellers never win the lottery? It’s a well known joke of course but one well known magician and illusionist will this week show that lottery numbers are just an illusion as he attempts to predict the UK National Lottery numbers before the lottery show live on television this week.

The illusionist who is going to show that lottery numbers are just an illusion? Derren Brown, the world famous magician and illusionist, the show in which he is going to predict Wednesdays UK National Lottery numbers will be shown across all of Channel 4’s five channels – the first time the broadcaster has ever dedicated its entire network to a single event.

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Whether it will work it not known but there’s no doubt that thousands of players will be trying out his method of choosing the lottery numbers for their chance to win a UK National Lottery jackpot. So how will he do it? Well to find that out you will have to tune in to a separate show on Friday where he will show viewers how he did it.

The lottery trick – and it is a trick, be in no doubt about that – will be shown on all of the Channel 4 television channels as the BBC1 lottery show is shown live at 10.35pm and Derren Brown has make no secret of how excited he is about the whole thing. He is keeping a secret however, how the trick will be done but no doubt players are going to be eager to see the trick happen in front of their very eyes.

A UK National Lottery spokesman is keen to stress that Derren Brown isn’t predicting the lottery numbers as this is impossible but the lottery too are keen to see how the trick works and how the whole thing will pan out.

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Tuesday 8th September 2009 11:49 AM GMT
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