Huge Mega Millions Prize Still Unclaimed

If you won a huge lottery prize how long could you keep it a secret for? How long would it be until you claimed your prize? Well as a huge Mega Millions Prize is still unclaimed it certainly raises an interesting question. I think most people would want their money as soon as possible, especially if it was $133 million which is the prize total in question for this Mega Millions prize.

The ticket in question was for the draw held on August 29th 2008 and the prize was a massive $133 million. The winner has just 180 days from the date of the draw left to claim their prize, leaving them just 161 days left to collect this huge Mega Millions unclaimed prize.

The winning ticket was sold in Mableton and according to the Georgia Lottery Corporation the winner has yet to come forward and claim the prize.  

So if you played the Mega Millions on the 29th August 2008 maybe it’s time to check all your old trousers and see if the winning ticket is lurking in there. Surely the winner cannot possibly know what a huge amount they have won or the ticket would have been cashed by now.

Just two Mega Millions jackpots have been unclaimed since the multi-state lottery launched in 2002. One for $68 million sold in New Jersey in 2002 and one for $46 million sold in New York 2003 were never cashed in and the prize money went back into the fund for good causes. Let’s just hope this lucky winner realises what a huge win they have had before time runs out in 161 days.

Article Published: Tuesday 16th September 2008 9:29 PM GMT
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