Health Lottery Results for Saturday 19th November 2011

There were a couple of interesting numbers in the Health Lottery Results for Saturday 19th November 2011 as for the second week running the numbers 14 and 15 were drawn. These two numbers also appeared in draw 6 for the Health Lottery. When you look at the number of winners this week though, you have to ask the question “Are people losing interesting in the Health Lottery”? In comparison with other draws, the number of winners is substantially lower for draw 7 of this fairly new lottery.

The Health Lottery Results for Saturday 19th November 2011 were drawn on Channel 5, the second week in a row, after a move from prime time viewing on ITV during the commercial break of X Factor. Is the move responsible for the drop in interest in the Health Lottery?

Checking the Health Lottery results on the official page there was just one jackpot winner tonight who took home £100,000 in comparison with three last week and seven the week before. However the biggest drop in winners comes in the lower prize tiers, over 8,000 players won either £500 or £50 whilst in the previous draw the figures were TREBLE that at over 27,000. Even the week prior there were DOUBLE this week’s figures at over 16,000!

The Magic Monday offer for this week on Monday 21st October is a free Christmas Stollen cake from Lidl worth £2.49. This offer is only available on Health Lottery tickets that were sold between Saturday 12th and Saturday 19th November 2011.

Written by Nicola Barber

Article Published: Saturday 19th November 2011 10:37 PM GMT
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