Health Lottery Results for Saturday 4th February 2012

The Health Lottery results for Saturday 4th February 2012 are the first of this month and the 18th set of results for this fairly new game. With three prize tiers and a minimum pay out of £50 for matching three main balls the Health Lottery is attracting a lot of interest from players. As well as numerous winners the Health Lottery has also offered a few promotions with your lottery ticket purchases and the latest offers winners the chance to win again from the Winners Club.

The Winners Club sees players entered into a prize draw that will take place on 18th April 2012 when they have won a prize in the Health Lottery. Registering for the Winners Club is simple:

  • Visit the Health Lottery page
  • Choose one of the three options of how you won on the Health Lottery (online, playcard or another method)
  • You’re win will be confirmed and then a Golden Playcard will be despatched.

Then it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting to see if your name is one of 500 to be drawn from the Health Lottery hat on 18th April because if it is, you’ll be £50 better off!

What of the Health Lottery results for Saturday 4th February 2012 though? How many winners of the £100,000 jackpot were there? As yet these details have not been released but check back later on this evening when we will update this news piece with further information as it is released by the Health Lottery operators.

As more draws for the Health Lottery take place we see more statistics being created and from the numbers in tonight's Health Lottery results we saw the numbers 1 and 6 appear, the second most common pair to appear together whilst 1, 6 and 7 are the third most common triplet pair from this lottery. 

Written by Nicola Barber


Article Published: Saturday 4th February 2012 10:01 PM GMT
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