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It seems that a deal has been struck and papers signed in Camelot’s plans for a Global Lottery as reported in the Sunday Times 1st February edition. The World Lottery would combine all the major lotteries from around the world and could create jackpots as high as £250 million! It’s thought the draw could start as early as 2011 and now plans are seriously underway for this lottery that could rival even the biggest draws from around the world. 

The dotted line is signed and the agreement between Camelot and American lottery operators is set and this means that we are likely to see a world lottery game -the world’s biggest draw- with jackpots of more than £250 million by 2011.

This is likely to seriously rival the nine country Euromillions Lottery and combining the power of the Euromillions with a combination of the power of the 32-state Powerball lottery and you really are going to have a global force.

It seems the only thing holding up the global lottery so far is red tape, regulatory hurdles between the fifty countries that will be operating in the lottery, once they are overcome and with Camelot and the Powerball as its new partner and the sky really will be the limit in the terms of jackpot prizes.

The idea for the world lottery is a weekly draw that covers all the lottery time-zones, following the sun as it rises and moving from country to country. The design is hoped –very much like the Powerball Lottery - to work in such a way that rollovers are common, creating bumper jackpots.

Good causes will still benefit with the money remaining in the countries where tickets are bought. Tickets are likely to cost a little more than the current Euromillions Lottery price of £1.50 and the current National Lottery cost of £1.

There is also the hope for a separate annual draw, likely to rival the El Gordo Spanish Lottery draw. Whatever they do, it’s certainly a very exciting time for Camelot although it will do nothing to silence Camelot’s critics who already have concerns about their monopoly over the game. 

Article Published: Monday 2nd February 2009 7:09 PM GMT
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