Forget the election its Euromillions Lottery day

The newspapers are full of election stories, results and opinions. Will it be a hung parliament? Will there be another election? Who knows and who cares? Forget the election, it’s Euromillions Lottery day and with no winners for the last three draws, tonight’s jackpot is worth an estimated £67 million! Forget putting crosses in boxes, it’s time to mark that Euromillions Lottery ticket and choose your lucky numbers for tonight’s draw. With £67 million in the bank, who cares who’s running the country?

Judging by the General Election results, you probably have more chance of winning the Euromillions Lottery than Gordon Brown has of keeping the keys to Downing Street and the whole process is a lot simpler too.

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Hung parliaments, coalition governments, it all goes over my head but £67 million is a language I can understand without a problem. Tonight’s draw is likely to create so much excitement, maybe not quite as much as the General Election but you can guarantee that world lottery players across the nine European countries where the Euromillions Lottery is played will be out in force today buying lottery tickets for the draw.

If won by a UK lottery player, tonight’s £67 million Euromillions Lottery jackpot would create a new UK record lottery win. It’s certainly a lot to be excited about and hopefully we will be bringing you news of the winner tomorrow. If not and it rolls again then who knows just how high that jackpot will get before we see a winner.

Written by Kath C

Article Published: Friday 7th May 2010 11:16 AM GMT
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