Euromillions winner dines with Motorhead

Winning a £45 million jackpot means that you can live your dreams and this was certainly true for Les Scadding. As well as buying a brand new Range Rover this lucky Euromillions winner dines with Motorhead in his plush hotel suite to celebrate his birthday. Whilst one reporter has said that winning a lottery jackpot can lead to misery, this doesn’t appear to be the case for Les. A pair of £55 tickets for his favourite band was originally enough for this big Motorhead fan to celebrate his 59th birthday but it just kept getting better!

Les, who shared the £90 million Euromillions Lottery win with a syndicate from Liverpool, had booked the tickets to see Motorhead in his home town of Newport, South Wales and spent the night in the luxurious St. David’s Hotel in Cardiff.  The suite they stayed in cost £500 a night and they found out that Lemmy and the other Motorhead members were in the same hotel!

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Already the lucky couple have been eyeing up a £2.5 million mansion that is currently owned by Led Zepplin front man, Robert Plant and it is obvious that these Euromillions winners plan on leading the rock and roll lifestyle that their new found wealth lends itself to.

So whilst other big jackpot winners may not be enjoying the rich list lifestyle, Les and Sam Scadding are loving every single minute.

What would you do with £45 million? We at World Lottery think that we would do similar to what Les and Sam Scadding have been up to!

Written by Lottie McD

Article Published: Monday 23rd November 2009 9:20 AM GMT
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