Double Cash for Life scratchcard

The OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming commission) is celebrating the launch of their Double Cash for life scratchcard, which as the name suggests has double the prize usually on offer. For a limited time only, Canadian Lottery players will have the chance to play this scratchcard with the ultimate prize, $2,000 a week for life. The scratchcard has been run before by the OLG, who run both the Lotto Max Canada and Lotto 6/49 Canada but has always had a $1,000 a week prize. But now, the OLG is offering double cash for life in what was already a popular instant win game.

Canadian Lottery players are going to get into a frenzy about this new scratchcard and it’s little wonder when you consider what the top prize is, $2,000 a week, for life! That’s surely as good as any world lottery prize could ever get.

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The new Double Cash for Life scratchcard from the OLG will cost lottery players $4 each to play and the scratchcard itself consists of five separate games. Overall odds of winning a prize on the Double Cash for life scratchcard are 1 in 3.85. The top prize, as noted is $2,000 a week, for life and here’s how to play.

Games 1, 2, 3 and 4 need to be scratched entirely, uncover three identical amounts in the same game and you win that prize, uncover three ‘LIFE’ symbols and you win $2,000 a week for life!

In Game 5 you need to scratch the lucky symbol and your symbols entirely, if any of your symbols match the lucky symbol you win that amount.

With the Lotto Max currently at $50 million and Maxmillions and the Lotto 6/49 Canada having a $16 million rollover up for grabs, plus this super new scratchcard, Canadian Lottery players are spoiled for choice this week!

Written by Kath C

Article Published: Wednesday 28th July 2010 12:21 AM GMT
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