Common Lottery Numbers

 We all have our own ways of choosing lottery numbers and theoretically each number has as many chance of being drawn as any other but did you know that lottery numbers for the UK National Lottery also have ‘form’. Some numbers are drawn far more than others and following these common lottery numbers could scoop you a nice big National Lottery win.

For as many common numbers there are unpopular ones too and we’ll also be bringing you those so you know how to pick your lucky numbers in the UK National Lottery.

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There are 49 numbers in all to choose from and each one has a 1 in 49 chance of being drawn in the Wednesday or Saturday National Lottery draw but let’s take a look at those popular numbers, the ones that come out more than others and just how many times each one has been drawn.

Most Common Lottery Numbers

  • Number 38 – This one has tumbled from the draw machine a staggering 204 times so far.
  • Number 25 – Another common number this one has seen 189 outings at the last count.
  • Number 11 – All the ones and this one has been drawn 189 times too.
  • Number 44 – Another double digit this one has been seen 186 times at the last count.
  • Number 31 – So far we’ve seen this ball 185 times from the machine.
  • Number 23 – The final in our top six of common lottery numbers this one’s been out 184 times.

So that’s the most common lottery numbers seen in each lottery draw for the UK National Lottery but if these are the lucky balls which balls might be considered unlucky?

Least picked Lottery Numbers

  • Number 36 – This one has had 154 outings in the National Lottery.
  • Number 21 – Key to the door but only seen in National Lottery draws 151 times so far
  • Number 16 – A popular birthday number no doubt but only out 149 times.
  • Number 13 – Unlucky for some, we’ve seen this ball 149 times too.
  • Number 41 – This one has been seen 139 times in the lottery draws.
  • Number 20 – This least popular ball has seen just 135 outings on the National Lottery.

So there are the lucky and unlucky balls for the National Lottery draws and that information might just help you to pick your lottery numbers for the next UK National Lottery draw.

Article Published: Tuesday 14th April 2009 2:22 AM GMT
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