Biggest Euromillions Jackpot of €190 / £148 million Tonight!

Tonight’s Euromillion draw sees its largest ever jackpot being played for one last time this week, as it reached its cap of €190 million. Players all over Europe will be trembling with excitement as they eagerly await the results, due at approximately 8.00 pm GMT. This is the second time the jackpot has been at the cap, after no ticket holders were able to match the 5 + 2 required on the last draw which took place on Tuesday 7th August 2012. According to Euromillions rules, this means that the jackpot must be won tonight, as it cannot roll over again. So what happens if no player matches all 5 + 2 numbers?

The mammoth jackpot has to be won tonight, so if no single ticket holder can match all five numbers plus two lucky stars, it will roll down to the next winning tier. This could be one of the only opportunities players will have to win a hundred million pound plus prize by matching fewer numbers, as the jackpot would be shared amongst those who match 5 numbers and one Lucky Star. Failing that, if no players can match that many numbers, those who match just five could be seeing a win of tens of millions, instead of tens of thousands.

Due to the current exchange rate however, it is not the largest UK jackpot, as the weak Euro means the €190 million currently equates to approximately £148 million. The accolade of the biggest UK Euromillions jackpot is still held by Chris and Colin Weir, who won £161 million back on 12th July 2011. Either way, tonight’s draw has many different opportunities for players and could make one person miraculously prosperous, several people incredibly wealthy or an unbelievable number of people happily rich.

If you want a head start on choosing those lucky numbers, let’s have a quick look at the most frequent numbers to be picked on the Euromillions. These are 50, 12, 4, 19 and 14, which have occurred between 60 and 70 times. Avoid 32, as it has only shown up in draws 39 times. Finally, the most common pair of Lucky Stars is 2 and 6, with the duo making 20 appearances in all. So don't forget to buy your ticket in plenty of time and good luck!

Written by Lucy Lotto

Article Published: Friday 10th August 2012 7:49 AM GMT
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